The board members of Carte Blanche is made of three fans of the band. We are all French speakers but from different countries (France, Belgium and Switzerland). We liked the band since almost the beginning.

The idea of creating a fan club for The Charm The Fury is born after the show at Summer Breeze in 2017. There were some fans wearing one of the band’s shirt. The front row was almost only fans and one of us said: “We are the fan club!”. After the show, we searched if a fan club existed but we found nothing so we started thinking about the idea to create a fan club. Some weeks after, we had information about how to create a fan club. On November 2017, we saw the band and asked about the fan club. Caroline said “yes” and choose the name: it will be Carte Blanche.

We created the website, social media and later the forum

In January 2018, we had the right to be an official fan club by the band.

It was not easy but after a lot of works we finally could open the member area and become a real official fan club on June 2018.

Sadly with the end of The Charm The Fury, we had to close the fan club.

We didn’t want to close it completely so we’ll keeping the website and social media in memory of the band and for the fans. (Carte Blanche TCTF is now a part of the non-profit organization Carte Blanche CMS).