The Charm the fury is a band born in 2010 in Amsterdam. Mathijs, Lucas, Mathijs, and Caroline formed the band after they saw an online advertisement to form a band and the current passed between them. One year later, Rolf joined the band and they started working on songs.
The line-up was Caroline Westendorp (vocals), Lucas Arnoldussen (bass), Mathijs Tieken  (drums), Mathijs Parent (rhythm guitar), Rolf Perdok (lead guitar). They released their first EP The Social Meltdown on the 24th April 2012.
They played with some bands and some festivals.
The first album A Shade Of My Former Self is out on the 17th September 2013, followed by a release show at Melkweg Amsterdam on the 28th September. Mathijs (drummer) and Rolf worked on the music and Mathijs and Caro on the lyrics. The theme of the album is the darkness of the humanity, but people can learn from their experience to turn better and have a better life. Two duets are on the album: Jamie Graham on “the Enemy” and Daniël de Jongh on “Colorblind”.
The band played several times in The Netherlands and in some festivals.
In 2015, they played for the first time at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium.
The band worked with a professional team to make their second album, they recorded it around February 2016 and they sent it to labels before its release. Nuclear Blast is interested, and they signed with them.
On the 29th January, the band played support for Delain’s show “Suckerpunch” at Patronaat, Haarlem and after that, on others Delain’s show. Mathijs Parent left the band in 2016 and was replaced by Martijn Slegtenhorst on rhythm guitar.
In March 2017, the second album The Sick, Dumb and Happy is released via Nuclear Blast.
The term to define this album can be “A fucking album”. It’s a mix between a powerful sound and the melodic one. The theme is more about this actual world and all the problematics about the war, speech freedom, politics.
In spring 2017 the band went on a US festival mini-tour from the 29th April to the 14th May.
In Summer 2017 the band played a Summer tour from The Netherlands (Fortarock, Pinkpop…) to Finland and Belgium (GMM). They Played at the Download fest (France, Spain, UK), master of rock Czech Republic, Germany (Summer Breeze, Reload festival), Portugal, Hungary. Before the Pinkpop show, Rolf Perdok got injured and was replaced by Koen Stokman.
The band went on tour as a special guest for Eluveitie and Amaranthe from the 25th October to the 12th November 2017 on the Maximum Evocation Tour. After this tour, On 13th November, Koen Stokman became a permanent member replacing Rolf Perdok in the band.
On November 25th, they started a headline tour in the Netherlands until the 27th of January 2018.
In 2017, Caro had also played for the 25th anniversary of The Rage Against The Machine and for The Lemmy lives, a Motörhead memorial.
The actual Line-up is Caroline Westendorp (vocals), Lucas Arnoldussen (bass), Mathijs Tieken (drums), Koen Stokman (lead guitar), Martijn Slegtenhorst (rhythm guitar).
The band played as support act for some shows with Arc Enemy in 2018.
The band played at the Huntenpop in the Netherlands on August 2018.
On November 20th 2018, sadly the band has decided to stop.